Frequent asked question on care

Beneath you'll find the answers on frequently asked question on care for peonies:

  1. Question: Why aren't my peonies flowering?
    Answer: There can be numerous causes for this:
    - The peonies were planted to deep into the ground. Peonies prefer to be just a few inches of ground on top of them
    - The peony is planted in ground that is too acid. The best peony grounds have Ph of 6 till 7. By adding some calc to the ground the Ph will decrease. When moss growing at the ground, this is indicating a relatively acid ground.
    - Another possibility could be the following: have you planted the peony plants one or two years ago? Some peonies start flowering after a year of 2 or 3. Not flowering the first years does in this case not indicate a problem. 
  2. Question: There are ants at the bud of the peonies, can this damage the flowers? 
    Answer: No, this not problem at all. The ants are attracted by the sugar at the bud.
  3. Question: How deep should I cut/prune down the stems of the plant?
    Answer: You can prune down the stems until an inch above the ground. Make sure there is at least one entire stem (with leafs) at the plant until August/September. Until that moment the plant uses the stems and leafs to make energy that will be used for making flowers for the next year.
  4. Question: What is a suitable ground/place for peonies?
    Answer: Peonies are flexible plants. The most import is a nutritive place that is not very acid (a Ph of 7). Second of all they like being at the same spot for a long time. A good place is one with much sun (a bit of shadow is no problem, but the plant needs enough sun).
  5. Question: When should peony plants be planted?
    Answer: The best period to plant peonies is from October until November. Although we do not recommend it, you could plant the peonies during the rest of the year.

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