Information on ordering

This page discribes how the orderingprocess runs. Click here to see current special offers.

The order- and paymentconditions described below apply to orders by consumers. Companies/professional parties will be informed on deviations from these conditions after they've send a request for a tender.

The following topics are discussed below: 

4 steps in ordering your peonies

  1. SEND REQUEST FOR A TENDER | You can easily, without further obligations, send us a request for a tender.

  2. RECEIVE THE TENDER | We'll soon send you a tender including the availability, the prices and delivery date of the peonies. 

  3. DECIDE | Take a look at the tender and decide if you want to turn it into an order. Let us know what it is you've decided!

  4. PAYMENT AND SHIPMENT |  Just before the peonies will be transported, the payment will take place. The plants will be send as soon as payment is received.

(I) Send a request for a tender

Sending a request for a tender is very easy. You can fill in the

                       ONLINE ORDERFORM, which you will find here.

Delivery of the peonies will start in September/October, after harvesting. This is the right time to plant your peonies.

(II) Receiving the tender

After you've send us your request, we'll send you the tender. Including:

  • Availability of the peonies you are interested in.
  • Date of delivery.
  • Costs (including: 1 costs of the peonies; 2 transportation costs; 3 for export outside the European Union the plants have to be tested by an expert, these costs will be included).

(IV) Payment and Shipment

When you have decided to turn the tender into a order, we'll send you a confirmation. When the plants are ready to be send, we'll ask you to make the payment. The peonies will be send bythe time we receive this payment.

The plants are harvested as of September/October, as of then we'll start to send the peonies to our customers. Availability will determine if they can be delivered now or by the time they are harvested again. But you'll always pay just before transportation. 

Boon Pioenrozen offers two ways of payment:Verschillende betaalmethoden

  1. Bank transfer (standard method)

  2. Payment via PayPal (PayPal makes it possible to pay with Visa or MasterCard, this is available upon request).

FAQ Ordering

Here you can find the most often asked questions of customers about making an order:

  • Question: Do you sell peonies plants in foreign countries? 
    Answer: Yes we do. When peonies have to be delivered in a country that's not a member of the EU (European Union), the plants have to be inspected. This results into extra costs for the buyer. 
  • Question: Do you deliver cut flowers in foreign countries?
    Answer: Yes, but only in case of a bigger orders. Not just for several bunches. For more information about cut flowers, you can contact us at: info@boonpioenrozen.nl 
Other questions?
You can always send your questions to: info@boonpioenrozen.nl 





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