2009 peony offering

April - 02 - 2009 

A new year starts with a new list of the available peony sorts. Find out below what we can offer this autumn. 


We are proud to present you this list, containing some familiar sorts.  Please take a careful look at the sorts. Visit the "assortment" page for extended information per sort, including some pictures. But first of all you can take a look at the list below to find out what peony are which you prefer:



Bridal Gown

Charly's White

Coral Charm

Coral Sunset

Cotton Candy

Dinner Plate

Dr. Alexander Flemming

Duchesse de Nemours

Ellen Cowley

Elsa Sass

Etched Salmon

Festiva Maxima


Gay Paree


Karl Rosenfield

Krinkle White

Lady Alexandra Duff


Monsieur Jules Elie

Paula Fay

Pillow Talk

Pink Giant

Pink Hawaiian Coral

Raspberry Sundae

Red Charm

Sarah Bernardt

Shirley Tenple

The Fawn

Top Brass

For more information about a peony, please see our assortment page. This page contains pictures and a description of each variety.

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