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1. More

For more information about any peony, click at the picture or the name. You'll find pictures and information about that peony sort.

To find a peony you can also go to find peonies. Here you can find peony by looking only at colour, flavour, length or flowering season.

The heights of the peonies is in centimetres and not in inches. For conversion: 1 cm 0.3937 inch. (In this way 1 Inch is 2,54 centimetres).

Do you still have questions? You can always contact us at info@boonpioenrozen.nl

2. Flowering Seasons

The flowering season of each peony plant is indicated by the words very early, early, middle early, late. These indications mean:

  • Very early, this refers to the middle of the spring ( April)
  • Early, this is the end of spring ( Mai)
  • Middle early, this means the beginning of the summer ( June)
  • Late this the period from the beginning till the middle of the summer ( end of June till the beginning of July)

These periods are indications only. Weather circumstances will influence these periods.







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