Who we are and what we do

Boon Pioenrozen is a company specialized in growing and nursing peonies. In the past 60 years we have become real experts in it. This results into a consistent base of knowledge and experience needed to work with peonies. During the last decennia we started to work more and more with these lovely plants and arranged a wide and excellent variety of peonies.

Our broad variety consists of peonies with all imaginary colours including: white, orange, pink, red, purple and even yellow! It is an varying assortment with of course well known ones as Sarah Bernardt and Karl Rosenfield, but also more special exclusive peonies as Bartzella.

As mentioned above, Boon Pioenrozen has a wide variety of peony plants. But we are also processing their cut-flowers. Both cut-flowers and peony slips have their own respective months in which they are available. Peonies flower in May and June. Slips however are ready to be processed by September/October. Though the plants are ready to be shipped in the autumn, ordering takes place the entire year.


We would especially like to draw your attention to the spectacular Bartzella. The developments that brought this new type of peonies (Itoh) were a real breakthrough with new colours and new shapes.

It is a fascinating peony for numerous reasons:

  • Amazing flowers
  • Marvelous foliage
  • Long flowering period
  • Large flowers (a cross-cut of the flower up to 25 cm).

It will be an impressive flowershow every year this peony starts flowering. This means reasons enough to think about buying this plant yourself. For more information on this peony visit the website: www.bartzella.nl or check out the following page!






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