Peonies are magnificent

The passion of a florist

May 15, 2013

Florist Pierre Veugen finds peonies magnificent in large luxurious bouquets. “From the moment they’re available, we include peonies in our stock.”

Nostalgia, romance and old country gardens

”Very pure, with some foliage and branches in a vase. That shows off peonies to their best advantage” believes Pierre Veugen. “The soft yellowy green of lady’s mantle also looks very good with it.” He prefers the pale pink Sarah Bernhardt and an early dark-red peony. “We are going to be using nothing but white peonies for the floral work for a wedding. That will be lovely too.” The florist associates the flower with nostalgia, romance and old country gardens. “Young people hardly know the peony any more. It really is a flower that you have to show to people. Then the say ‘wow, what a lovely flower’.”

Source: pureseasonalsummerflowers.com






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